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By Jennie Lennick

Tips for Taking Product Photos 

Taking product photos doesn’t have to be complicated! Beyond knowing how to use a camera and edit photos, there are a few tips that can help you bring your pictures to the next level and encourage your customers to buy! 

My love affair with photography started when I was a teenager. At that time, you could find me in the darkroom every day, blasting Elliot Smith while exposing my film. Darkroom photography is a thing of the past yet I still find myself taking photos every day for work and pleasure.  

At Jenny Lemons, we take a lot of photos. Each product we sell is available online and in our shop, and we need quality pictures for every listing. 

Want to learn how to take great photos? I’ll share these five tips for taking product photos that will sell your work in this blog.


  1. Take Photos That Highlight The Best Qualities Of Your Product 
  2. Use Consistent Lighting 
  3. Batch-Edit Your Photos 
  4. Get Creative! 
  5. Snap Some Lifestyle Photos 
Ready to get started? Let’s do this! 


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1. Take Photos That Highlight The Best Qualities Of Your Product

When customers browse your online product listings, they should have no question about what they are looking at. They must understand the size, material, and function of the product. 


The product should take up most of the frame.


Close-up details help your customer understand the touch and feel of your product.


Show the front and back of your product.

2. Use Consistent Lighting

Natural light

Natural light is beautiful but can be tricky- if you are taking photos outside, go out early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun is lower.  The sun at high noon will create harsh shadows. Overcast light is best, but if the sun is not cooperating, photograph in a shady spot.


I highly recommend purchasing a lightbox for taking lots of product photos.  Lightboxes are super helpful because they provide consistent lighting and minimize shadows. If you take all your pictures in the lightbox, you know the lighting is the same, making it extremely easy to edit quickly!

3. Batch-Edit Your Photos

Use a program like Adobe Lightroom to consistently edit your pictures.  

Lightroom is a photo editing program that makes editing a series of photos a total breeze. With it, you can easily edit all your images at once within a single app, giving them a uniform, look. 

 Lightroom is not free- it’ll run you $9.99 a month (which I think is worth it!) However, there are several free alternatives out there, like Dark Table and Apple Photos.

Want to get started? This tutorial is fantastic!  

This video is a super helpful introduction to Lightroom.

4. Get Creative!

Create Photo Backdrops to Highlight Your Unique Brand  Voice

Getting creative with your photography creates a strong brand voice. These types of photos are great for sharing social media and for marketing campaigns.


I was poking around Cricut's Design Space and found some cute snowflakes that matched my graphics, so I fiddled around with the scale and cut them out of some Smart Removable Vinyl with my Cricut Maker3.  

Next, I applied transfer tape, cut out each shape with the scissors from Cricut’s Basic Toolset , and laid them out on my wall.

Finally, I adhered the vinyl to the wall with the scraper, and voilà! My backdrop is perfect for snapping pics of my holiday products! 

5. Snap Some Lifestyle Photos

Taking photos of your product in the real world will help your customers understand how to use it.

This ornament could also read as a doll, so I took a photo while decorating my pink Christmas tree. Now my customers will know how to use it in their homes!

I hope you gained a little more knowledge about photography and feel confident enough to get behind that camera. 

Your customers are going to love what you create! 

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