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Valentine's Day Crafts

Want to get crafty this Valentine's Day? I've compiled a list of our favorite lovey-dovey projects to get in the spirit of this holiday. With these fun tutorials, you can learn to make valentines, jewelry, and home decor! 

 My husband and I do the same thing for Valentine's Day every year. We avoid the crowds and have a romantic dinner at home. We make it extra special by visiting our local butcher shop for a nice steak, shuck oysters, and crack open an excellent bottle of wine. However, those quiet dates are over because… we have a toddler! Now, I'm all about going BIG for Valentine's Day! My house is decorated to the nines with hearts and flowers, and we do ALL THE CRAFTS. I love how being a parent reinstills my love of craftwork and gets me pumped for all holidays with my family.

This list is full of projects perfect for kids and crafty adults alike!

 Follow my suggestions to make: 

  • Paper Flowers 
  • Embroidered Bouquets 
  • Block Printed Valentine's Cards 
  • Cyanotype Valentines 
  • Watercolor Cards and Decorations 
  • And Fun Cherry Earrings! 

 You're going to LOVE these projects! See what I did there? ;-)

Paper Flower Valentine's Decorations 

These paper flowers are simple to craft but make a big impact, especially if you make giant ones! All you need to make them are a few supplies you might already have around the house. Make a bunch in pinks and reds for Valentine's Day decorations or create an everlasting bouquet with our tutorial here. 

Make or Give an Embroidered Bouquet

Bummed that bouquets are temporary? Dread the day when your beautiful flowers turn into a stinky, slimy mess? This year, embroider your bouquet! It will last forever, and you will have fun making it! You can transfer an image of your bouquet to fabric using printable transfer stickers (check out our tutorial here) or start from scratch. 

We have a bunch of floral embroidery kits to get you started! 

Block Printed Cards

Image Courtesy of Happy Hooligans

Block printing is an easy way to quickly create multiples of an image, making it perfect for card making! I love this easy styrofoam printing project from Happy Hooligans

For a detailed tutorial about getting started with block printing, check out our tutorial here.

Blue For You Cyanotype Valentines

Image Courtesy of Carmen Cay Art

Cyanotype printing is a UV-sensitive photography technique that's super easy and magical! Get yourself some pretreated cyanotype paper, and make unique valentines!  

This process, which originated in the mid-1800s, has been used by photographers, artists, and architects to quickly and easily create copies. Cyanotypes are beloved because of their beautiful blue hue and were used as early architectural drawings. This is how blueprints got their name! 

For a detailed tutorial on making cyanotypes, check out this blog post.

Make Watercolor Valentines

Painting cards for Valentine's Day is a creative and easy way to show how much you care. I love these cards by My Creative Solution.  

Want to learn more about watercolor? Try making a celestial valentine with this tutorial, or paint cute pink fruits with this one!

Valentine's Flair: Make Cherry Earrings!

Going out on Valentine's day? Why not make these adorable cherry earrings! They are the perfect pop of color for any outfit!  I made these and am thrilled with how they turned out!  Check out our tutorial here.

Happy Valentine's Day! For more fun tutorials, check out our blog


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