By Jennie Lennick

How to Sell Your Handmade Products

You’ve been honing your craft for years. You’ve gone through prototype after prototype, and you’re finally ready to get your product in front of customers.  Are you unsure of what to do next? In this blog, I share tips to sell your handmade products and make your creative business thrive.

Back in 2013, when I started Jenny Lemons, I was making art and showing in many galleries but had very few buyers. It wasn’t until I exhibited in my first craft fair that I started to gain a following.  

Since then, I have sold my products to thousands of customers all over the world. I opened my retail shop in 2017 and have experienced exponential growth marketing Jenny Lemons products and handmade goods from other small businesses. I have learned so much about selling products over the years, and I am excited to share my wisdom with you! 

In this blog, I share my suggestions for:

  • Creating Professional Packaging 
  • Getting Feedback From Shoppers 
  • Trying Craft Fairs & Finding Out What Your Customer Wants 
  • Displaying Your Products

Ready to dive in? Let’s do this!

*this blog is made in partnership with Cricut

Create Professional Packaging For Your Handmade Products

Make sure your packaging showcases all the wonderful attributes of your product. You want your customers to understand what you're selling right away. 

Is your package durable?

Your packaging should be strong enough to stand up to many different people handling it. Use materials like cardstock instead of flimsy paper for tags.

Does your package illustrate what’s inside?

If your product needs packaging, include a sticker on the outside that explains what is enclosed. Design your sticker, so it shows a photo of your product.

I chose a package with a clear back for my embroidery kits so my customers can see everything enclosed. My label features a photo of the finished product.

Try This: Make Bag Toppers

I am releasing a new product: a set of fruity erasers! I needed packaging, so I used my Cricut Maker 3 to create bag toppers featuring my illustrations.

First, I designed my tag in Cricut Design Space. 

I set up my Cricut maker 3  with the Midnight 0.4 Pen in slot A and the fine point blade in slot B. For this project, I used Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock as my material. I turned it on and let it do it's magic!

The I trimmed my stickers with a  Portable Trimmer  to make them easier to handle

Next, I folded the stickers and creased the edge with the scraper tool. 

Then, I sealed it over a cello bag filled with my erasers.

My new product is so cute, looks professional, and is ready to sell!

Get Feedback From Your Customers

Give out samples of your handmade product and ask for feedback! Doing this is a great way to figure out what is working and what isn't.

We started carrying snacks at my shop, so I created some branded stickers and decorated this tray to hand out samples to our customers. Since starting our sampling program, we’ve noticed an increase in our snack sales!

I used my Cricut Maker 3 to create this cute tray. With the machine, it was easy to cut stickers from their colorful Smart Removable Vinyl and apply them to this piece of faux marble.

Try Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs are a fantastic way to find out what your customers want and it's a great way to try out new products.

When I was just starting Jenny Lemons, I signed up for almost every craft fair around. I spent my weekends lugging my products to events in parking lots, arenas, and festivals. I loved participating in these markets because I received immediate feedback on my products. I could instantly tell what customers gravitated towards and that helped me nail down my pricing. I also developed relationships with my fellow vendors! Many of the vendors I have met over the years have become good friends! It’s so much fun to talk shop with other artists.





They are based out of Chicago, but they host events in major cities worldwide. At the fair, you will see a lot of handmade goods by artists who are just getting started.


Established in San Francisco in 2013. They have a cool, laid-back aesthetic and feature artists more established in their careers. Check out their excellent shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.



Oakland-based craft fair for women and non-binary folks! It's the largest women's craft fair in California. It’s a fun community and features a variety of makers in various career stages. 

Go to a fair in your hometown and get inspired. Your new community awaits you!

Tips For Displaying Your Handmade Products

Displays matter! Here are some merchandising tips for creating beautiful, clean displays for your products.

Rule of Three

Products arranged in groups of three are more visually appealing than a single product or a pair. Try organizing your products in a trio- I’m sure you will see an increase in sales!

Pile it High and Make it Fly

Have you ever noticed how grocery stores create large displays of one product? Like a tower of drinks or produce? When you present your customers with a large group of the same product. It attracts a lot of attention!

In our shop, we use this display to showcase our jewelry by Yellow Owl Workshop, and they are our best-selling jewelry by far!

Display Your Products Within Your Customer’s Reach

If your products are stacked precariously, your customers will be afraid to touch them. Touching and feeling is essential to the in-person shopper, so make it easy for them! In my shop, we arrange our art supplies so a customer can access any item without moving another out of its way.

Group Like Items Together

It’s frustrating not to find what you’re looking for in a shop. In my shop, we've created this display of embroidery kits and fiber crafts - my customers have no problems discovering what they need! Make it easy on your customers and arrange your products so like items are together.

There you have it! Now all you have to do is a few finishing touches, and you’re ready to find your buyers!

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 You’ve got this! 


Designer, entrepreneur, and lover of crafts! Boss Lady at Jenny Lemons in San Francisco


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