Jenny Lemons is a small-batch clothing company run by San Francisco based artist Jennie Lennick. Jennie learned to sew, bake, and embroider as a child growing up in rural Minnesota and draws inspiration from traditional domestic craft. Since moving to the Bay Area to attend the San Francisco Art Institute, where she studied painting, Jennie has become obsessed with the delicious fresh foods and natural beauty of Northern California. Her cheerful work features images of her favorite fruits, leaves and twigs, and abstract forms based on nature. 

All products created by Jenny Lemons are printed by hand in our San Francisco studio and storefront. Fabrics are carefully selected then block printed, painted, and/or dyed. Every pattern is drafted, cut, and sewn, one by one in limited edition runs in collaboration with small factories in San Francisco and Oakland, California. Because of this, each item is entirely unique.

Jenny Lemons garments that are playful, comfortable, and made with natural and organic fibers like linen, cotton, hemp, and denim chambray.

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  • 3043 24th Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110

    Open Daily 12-7 PM