Top Products for your Shop 

By Jennie Lennick

Top Products to Sell in Your Shop


Using my experience as a shop owner and buyer, I’ll share several bestselling product categories and tips for incorporating them into your brick-and-mortar or online shop. 

 In this post, I’ll share my recommendations for my favorite product categories like: 

  • Snacks 
  • Ceramics 
  • Hair accessories 
  • Cards 
  • Art supplies

Let's go shopping!

I made this article in partnership with Cricut.






Selling Snacks in Your Brick and Mortar 



I just added snacks as a product category, and they are selling like crazy! I choose delicious, aesthetically beautiful snacks that have a long shelf life. Like all the products in my shop, they are unique and small-batch! 

This product category is also fun for your staff to sample and get excited about! They are sold at a lower price point and make for a great small gift or impulse buy.



Choose Unique Ceramics for Your Shop 

Ceramics are a tricky item to carry in your retail shop because they take up a lot of space, are very fragile, and are expensive to ship. I love to sell them anyway because I have a weakness for mugs! We like to think of our ceramics products as handmade pieces of art you can use.  

In my shop, we carry primarily local ceramic artists and sell their work on consignment. They drop off their pieces (no shipping!), and we pay them after their items have sold. It is a system that works for both parties. The artist can bring us a lot of work- way more than we would be able to order if we paid upfront and have an excellent representation of their line in our shop. For us, it helps keep our shop stocked and shipping costs down.

Hair Accessories Are All the Rage!

Have you noticed everyone wearing colorful hair clips?! Hair accessories are having a moment! We sell hair clips every single day. They are a fun pop of color that can be worn even while wearing a face mask. Some of our favorite brands are Chunks and Nat and Noor.

Cards Make Great Impulse Buys

Greeting cards are a small item that customers can add to any purchase. I suggest carrying a selection of cards that would be appropriate for many occasions. We have specific Birthday and Thank You cards and a variety that you could use for various other circumstances. 



My favorite card is this Cat Crimes card by Red Cap- it’s perfect for an anniversary, a valentine, or even celebrating friendship! 

Add an Art Supply Product Category

Art supplies and creative workshops are the cornerstones of the Jenny Lemons shop. We have a large selection of excellent art supplies appropriate for kids, budding artists, and professionals alike. In 2020 and 2021, people put a new focus on making art at home, and I see many small shops begin to carry a small selection of art supplies.  

Want to have some in your shop? Start with some independent makers like OMY, Poketo, Stranded Stitch, or even our Embroidery Kits! You can easily merchandise these items with other products without having to dedicate a ton of space.

Make Custom Vinyl Signs for Your Shop

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I used the Cricut Maker 3 to create cute signs to highlight our different products in my shop. To create these, my husband cut several 5 x 7” blank wood boards. I made graphics in Cricut’s Design Space and cut them into Smart Permanent Vinyl- (I love the white and light pink colors!)  It was so easy to transfer the vinyl with transfer tape, and the basic tool set came in handy!  I especially love the weeding tool!

Want to learn more about using a vinyl cutter to make displays in your shop? Check out this blog post!  

Have you made anything with a vinyl cutter? Share your projects, tips, and tricks in the comments below!  

For more inspiration, check out all things Cricut here!


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