Rainb ow Crafts for Adults

By Jennie Lennick

A Dozen Rainbow Craft Projects for Adults

Check out my list of rainbow crafts for adults! My selection includes stunning jewelry making, home decor, and textile design DIYs that will inspire!  

The internet is bursting with rainbow craft ideas, but it isn't easy to find ones geared towards adults. Try Googling “Rainbow Crafts,” and you will see a lot of handprint and tissue paper art for preschoolers. While I can appreciate a good kids' activity (I am the mom of a 15-month-old, after all), sometimes I want to feel inspired to make things for myself!  

This list is full of aesthetically beautiful and sophisticated projects perfect for crafty adults! 

Follow my suggestions to make:

  1. A Colorful Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging 
  2. A Paper Mâché Rainbow Vase 
  3. A Pair of Macrame Rainbow Earrings 
  4. A DIY Rainbow Latch Hook Wall Hanging 
  5. Ice Dyed Clothing
  6. A DIY Gold and Rainbow Mirror 
  7. DIY Gradient Soap Bars 
  8. Marbled Fabric and Paper   
  9. A Wooden Rainbow 
  10. A Rainbow Clay Mobile!
  11. A Rainbow Punch Needle Pattern & Applique 
  12. A DIY Rainbow Purse

I hope you enjoy these colorful projects! Let's get into it!


1. Make Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

Macrame is an art form that uses rope and knot tying to create elaborate designs and art pieces, like wall tapestries and plant hangers. In this tutorial, I will walk you through creating a macrame rainbow wall hanging, from cutting rope to knotting techniques. 

2. Sculpt A Paper Mâché Rainbow Vase 

This vase is so cute and is just another wonderful thing you can make with paper mache! Check out the tutorial from The House That Lars Built. If you are allergic to wheat (one of the main ingredients in paper mache), check out our recipe for a gluten-free paper mache here! 

3. Make A Pair of Macrame Rainbow Earrings 

These rainbow earrings are so cute and surprisingly easy to make! Learn how to make your own in this fun introductory workshop on June 25th! In class, you a wrap macrame knot to create a three-color rainbow. We will discuss how to secure the wrapped pieces together and securely attach an ear wire with pliers. By the end of the class, you will have one set of complete earrings and the knowledge to do other macrame projects! Can't make it on the 25th? Sign up here to get the recorded workshop! 

4. Make A DIY Rainbow Latch Hook Wall Hanging 

I love latch hook projects, and this rainbow wall hanging is perfect! This project by Studio DIY is super detailed and easy to follow! Latch hooking is simple but time-consuming. Latch hook is the ideal project to work on while binging craft competition shows! 

5. Make Ice Dyed Clothing!

Ice dye is an easy way to make your dyed fabrics look like you dipped them in watercolor. To achieve this result, you cover your material with cubed or crushed ice (or snow), sprinkle on some fiber reactive dye, and let the magic happen! Not quite a rainbow, but it's multicolored, so it checks my box for a rainbow craft!  Learn how to dye brilliant, flowing colors with ice dye! In this tutorial, I go over how to prepare your fabrics for ice dye, set up a dye station in your home, sprinkle dye, and rinse out your project.  

6. Create A DIY Gold and Rainbow Mirror 

This piece is gorgeous and uses the elements from a rainbow wall hanging kit A Kalio Chic Life developed herself. It seems simple enough to put together once you have all the materials. Check out her DIY here!

7. DIY Gradient Soap Bars 

Soap making is a craft I've never tried, but this radiant DIY from A Beautiful Mess has me ready to hop in my car and head to the craft supply store. I love that you can add essential oils to this recipe- how nice would a fruity rainbow soap bar be?

8. Make Marbled Fabric and Paper   

I am a major fan of all things textile design. So when I discovered marbling, I fell head over heels with the swirling colors. After a bit of research, I was thrilled to learn how easy it is to do at home!      

Water marbling is a surface design technique that produces patterns resembling a swirled stone, like marble! To achieve this ancient craft, an artist drops watery paints on the surface of a syrupy liquid called size. Then, they manipulate the floating color with simple tools to create beautiful patterns.  In this blog tutorial, I dive into the whirling and colorful world of water marbling! Check out the full DIY here! 

9. Craft A Wooden Rainbow 

This DIY is a little more advanced and requires access to power tools, but the end product is stunning. Find the full tutorial from Reality Daydream here!

10. Sculpt A Rainbow Clay Mobile!

I love any polymer clay craft, and this mobile is no exception. This project is a straightforward introduction to working with clay that yields an adorable result! Check out the DIY from Collective Gen here!

11. Create A Rainbow Punch Needle Patch

Punch needle projects are delightful, and I love this free pattern from Dream a Little Bigger. Do you need punch needle supplies? Check out our selection here

12. Paint A Rainbow Purse

I always forget that you can paint on leather! It's easier than you think to upcycle leather, breathing life back into worn-out pieces. This tutorial from ctrl + curate is super inspiring. 










Want more inspiration? 

Check out our Pinterest board full of more rainbowy and colorful craft projects for adults! Did you try out any of my suggestions? Leave your comments below!  

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