A few weeks ago, I spent the day in the studio of my dear friend Julia Sackett of Yes Crescent Co. We hung out for hours, dyeing aprons and curtains for my shop. Yes Crescent Co is a textile and accessories company co-run by Julia and Lindsay Pfeifer. We carry a bunch of their products in the shop, and they are teaching several workshops in our space, including a Natural Tie Dye Workshop!

Julia and I go way back. We met on the first day of graduate school at SFAI in 2010 and instantly became friends. Over the years we shared studio spaces at Root Division and Art Explosion before we both grew business that needed their own space. I'm so happy for her and LOVE her beautiful studio in sunny Oakland, California. 

For our project, we decided to shibori dye the aprons and curtains with natural indigo. Julia showed me how to fold and twist the fabric in different ways to create unique patterns. We used things like stones, plastic discs, a ton of rubber bands, and clothespins to make different markings.

We let the fabric soak in water so it could absorb the dye better while Julia perpared the dye vat. She mixed the dark blue indigo powders with nautral alum to create a super stinky solution. We let it rest for a while and then it was time to dye!

Together, we held the aprons bundles in the dye solution for several minutes at a time, When we took them out, they were neon green! Julia explained that dye solution needs to oxidize for a while to actually turn blue. It was so cool to see the colors change before our eyes.

We rinsed our fabric and let it dry. I absolutely love the aprons and curtains we made for the workshop! All the students that have used them have commented on how cute they are. When everyone puts them on in class, I feel like we're all part of a creative club :) 

I'm so excited that Julia and Lindsay will be teaching a natural dye workshop in my store. In their class, students will not only learn how to dye with indigo, but with marigold flowers, and avocado pits. Did you know that when you dye with avocado it turns out pink, not green? SO COOL!

You can find out more about their workshop here

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