macrame Rainbow Earrings

By Jennie Lennick

Macrame Rainbow Yarn Earrings

It's easier than you think to make a pair of macrame yarn earrings! In this blog, I'll cover wrapping and sewing techniques to create a durable and adorable pair of earrings.  

Rainbows make me so happy, so I was excited to create a pair of earrings encapsulating my joy. This project is perfect for crafters with scrap material lying around- I used some leftover macrame cord and yarn from other projects. These rainbows are total showstoppers. Get ready to receive endless compliments!

This blog will cover all you need to know to make a pair of adorable macrame yarn earrings. You will learn a wrap macrame knot to create a three-color rainbow. No prior knowledge of macrame is required! I will share how to secure the wrapped pieces together and securely attach an ear wire with pliers. By the end of the tutorial, you will have one set of complete earrings and the knowledge to do other macrame projects!

In this tutorial, I cover the following steps: 

  1. What lengths to cut your rope 
  2. How to wrap yarn around cords with a gathering knot 
  3. Sewing your rainbow together 
  4. How to attach ear wires

Let's make some colorful earrings!

Materials List:

  • A trio of colored yarn
  • Cotton macrame cord  
  • Ear Wires  
  • Scissors  
  • Thread   
  • Sewing needle 
  • Pliers


Step 1: Cut Rope

Begin by cutting six pieces of .25" macrame rope at the following lengths: 
  • Two 3.75" pieces 
  • Two 4.75" pieces 
  • Two 5.75" pieces

Step 2: Wrap Yarn Around Your Ropes


Our first step is to wrap each of your macrame cords with yarn. We are using a variation of the gathering knot outlined in this tutorial.

Begin with your shortest piece of rope and cut an arm-length piece of whatever color of yarn you'd like for this band of the rainbow. I am using yellow.

Line up the piece of yarn, so it spans the length of your rope and fold it over, as pictured. 

While holding the yarn in place, begin wrapping your cords, starting at the loose end of the yarn.

​​Wrap towards the folded end of the yarn.

Do not wrap your yarn too tightly! It should be just taught without stretching the yarn. 

Wrap for about 1.75 inches. Trim the wrapping yarn to about 1 inch. 

Once you reach the end, insert the loose end of your wrapping yarn into the loop. 

Pull the opposite loose end of the yarn. The loop will shrink and pull the wrapping yarn into the wrapped bundle.

Pull the loose end until the wrapping yarn is secured within the bundle. 

Trim the loose yarn close to the bottom of the wrapped yarn bundle. 

Step 3: Continue Wrapping With Other Colors

Wrap all of your ropes using the method covered in step 2. Wrap each rope to the following lengths:
  • Small- wrap 1.75 inches
  • Medium- wrap 2.5 inches
  • Large- wrap 3.5 inches

Step 4: Sew Rainbow Together

Line up your wrapped ropes and form them into a rainbow shape. The bands of color should match up. If they don't, you can use a needle or your fingers to adjust the yarn a little bit until everything is even.

Thread a needle with a neutral color thread. I am using white.

Insert your needle through the center of your rainbow. Make sure you are piercing through all three ropes. It is easiest to do this while holding the rainbow flat against a surface. 

Make a little stitch and sew back through all the layers. 

Hold the rainbow shape while sewing to ensure that it remains an arc.

Sew to the ends of the rainbow.

Continue sewing both sides of the rainbow until the bands are stitched together securely. You may need to knot your thread and start with a fresh piece. 

Carefully trim the ends of your ropes. I left mine about 3/4 inch long, but the length is totally up to you! 

Step 5: Attach Earwires

With chain nose pliers, open the little ring on the bottom of your ear wire. 

It is best practice to open the ring to the side vs. pulling it out and bending it out of shape. 

Split the yarn at the center top of your rainbow, exposing the ropes beneath. 

Hook the open loop of the ear wire through the threads of the rope. Close the loop, securing the ear wire in place. 

CUTE! These earrings were so fun and easy to make! I can't wait to wear them out!











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