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By Jennie Lennick

Ten DIY Party Tutorials

I love throwing parties because I adore crafting, and I feel like the two go hand in hand. Parties are creative, colorful, and celebratory, and that's precisely how I feel when making things! 

I rounded up ten of my favorite DIY Party tutorials that I repeatedly visit when planning events. From making fun decorations to themed party ideas and batch cocktails, my list is sure to inspire you to arrange a fun shindig for all your friends and family!

1. Make Felt Pennants

Need props for your party's photo booth? Felt pennants are the perfect accessory! They are fun and easy to assemble and make great party favors once the celebration is over! Check out our tutorial  to learn how to make your own felt pennants!

2. How to Host a Craft Party

When I was in art school as a young adult, my friends and I would get together, hang out, and make art. Spending time together creating things was so fun! We would work off each other's creative energies and leave our studio sessions feeling invigorated and bursting with ideas. I miss those days, so I put together an article about throwing a craft party for your friends!  

 Check out my suggestions for hosting your craft party in this blog post!

3. Do It Yourself Newspaper Garlands

Party decorations made from upcycled materials? Yes, please! These newspaper garlands from House That Lars Built are playful and pretty! They would be perfect for a birthday party! Check out the tutorial here.

4. Make Paper Flower Decorations

These paper flowers are simple to craft but make a significant impact, especially if you make giant ones! All you need to make them are a few supplies you might already have around the house. Check out the full DIY tutorial here.

5. DIY Paper Cut Flower Cake Toppers

While we're on the topic of paper flowers, I have to highlight this project by Lia Griffith! I love the minimal, Scandinavian inspiration behind this design! They are like a Marimekko print come to life on your cake! The DIY tutorial is straightforward- click here to check it out!

6. Colorful Hand Painted Wrapping Paper

I've scoured the internet to find the most uncomplicated and colorful DIY wrapping paper ideas to bring your gift wrap game to the next level. Spend a relaxing evening painting a bunch of wrapping paper, so you're ready to wrap any gift at any time! You will be surprised how easy and fun it is to create your own! Check out my blog post  for all my suggestions!

7. DIY Party Hats

Party hats are essential! Throw one on, and you're instantly in a happy mood. At my daughter's first birthday party this year, I insisted on every adult wearing a party hat, and I really think it made the party. You can find a ton of easy DIY hat tutorials on the internet. This one from Tell Love and Party is adorable.

8. Throw a Tiny Art Opening!

When I was in art school, I attended the openings of my friends and artists we admired every week. Now that I'm a busy adult with a toddler and a business, I rarely take the time to venture out to these festive gatherings. I miss the camaraderie around enjoying art and love this project from A Tiny Art Show. You don't have to venture far to enjoy the art! Have a mini opening at home!  

Check out our tutorial  on making mini frames and how to hang a miniature art show. This is a great project to do with kids! Hang your art show and invite friends over to enjoy it! And serve some small snacks while you're at it! 

9. Make Fake Cakes 

I am obsessed with fake cakes! They are beautiful and never spoil! Check out our artist of the month, Fake Cakery, for some fantastic fake cake inspiration!

10. Cocktails, Anyone?

Every party needs a signature drink, and I love making batch cocktails. You can prepare them ahead of time, so you can spend your party time hanging out with your guest instead of mixing drinks. This recipe from the Kitchn has several easy and tasty recipes! 

Want more inspiration?

 Check out our Pinterest board  full of fun DIY party ideas! 

I hope your party is a smashing success! Did you try out any of my suggestions? Leave your comments below! 

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