Falling for felt

The first time I made a felt pennant was for a friend’s kid on her 5th birthday. I cut out a flag, glued it onto a chopstick, and adorned it with a hand cut felt “5.” She loved it! At this point in time I was creating mostly with paper for Feed the Fish co, hand cutting letters to create garlands and banners. But after making this first felt flag and seeing the delight it brought, I was hooked on creating with felt.

I began experimenting with cutting felt letters, and did some research on wooden dowels. I debuted my first line of felt flags at a pop up shop in Alameda. My first designs were “YAY!,” “#1 Dad” (because Father’s Day was coming up), and "Feed the Fish co". They were well received so I began creating flags with different phrases and eventually started taking custom requests and even throwing pennant parties!


Make your own pennants with a few basic materials

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Step 1: Cut your flag shape

Each pennant starts with a sheet of felt (9"x12"). I’ve designed my flag shape to be able to fit three flags on a standard sheet of felt. I cut these with a rotary cutter and ruler. You can create your flag to any size and shape.

Step 2: Add your stick

Once your flag shape is cut, glue it onto the dowel with hot glue. I use 12” dowels. You might use a smaller or larger dowel depending on the flag size you choose.

Step 3: Cutting Letters

Next, I cut out letters, numbers, and shapes. I cut these freehand (cutting is my fave!). To ensure the word/phrase fits, I like to cut out rectangles to evenly space out the letters. 

You can try cutting different font styles or mix up the colors - get creative! All the characters get attached with hot glue. 

Step 4: Adding Confetti

I like to decorate with felt confetti. This is a great use of felt scraps!

 When complete, each pennant will receive a stamp of approval - a Feed the Fish co label.

Step 5: Wave your flag!

Each pennant from start to finish can take between 15-30 minutes depending on the phrase and if I’ve made that design before. Currently, my favorites to make are YAAAS, Love, and any custom phrases. These make great photo props, desk decor, and party favors! I can't wait to see what you create!

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Erin Garcia Mañalac is the maker behind Feed the Fish co, a celebration goods company that specializes in hand-cut awesomeness and crafty workshops.  

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