By Jennie Lennick

Nine Eco-Friendly Crafts

Being green and being crafty go hand in hand. In this article, I've rounded up a collection of my favorite Earth-first DIYS, like paper-machemaking candles from recycled materials, or cyanotype printmaking.    I love finding new & creative ways to use materials I already have at home to create my art. It's a fun challenge!  

In this blog, I highlight the following eco-friendly craft projects:
  1. DIY Beeswax Food Wraps  
  2. Make Candles from Recycled Containers
  3. Cyanotype Tutorial- Printing with the Sun  
  4. Hand Painted Pinch Pot Planters  
  5. Sashiko Mending a Vintage Jean Jacket 
  6. Dried Citrus Decorations
  7. Gluten Free Paper Mache
  8. Macrame Plant Hangers
  9. Succulent Terrariums 

Try out one of these tutorials this week, and make sure to share your results with me-  just write your experience in the comments below! 

DIY Beeswax Food Wraps  

Learn to make reusable food wrap to replace single use plastic. I started making my own beeswax wraps a few years ago because I was buying them often and they were expensive. So, I learned how cost-effective and easy it was to make them myself! Now I'm passionate about reducing plastic waste, and I use my wraps every day in my kitchen.

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Make Candles from Recycled Containers

 Learn how to make soy candles at home in this easy DIY. In this tutorial, I share how to melt soy wax, add fragrance, and pour candles. 

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Cyanotype Tutorial- Printing with the Sun  

Cyanotype printing is a UV sensitive photography technique that's super easy and magical! Check out this DIY tutorial on how to make your own cyanotype prints using plants and the sun.

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Hand Painted Pinch Pot Planters  

 Learn how to make soy candles at home in this easy DIY. In this tutorial, I share how to melt soy wax, add fragrance, and pour candles. 

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Sashiko Mending 

Sashiko, which translates to “little stabs” in Japanese, is a method of visual mending. Using only a simple running stitch, clothing and denim is given new life with beautiful geometric patterns. Sashiko doesn’t merely add decoration, it also strengthens the cloth.

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Dried Citrus Decorations

A regular oven makes an excellent dehydrator, and that means it’s super easy to dry fruit right at home! This tutorial outlines how I created a simple wreath made from eucalyptus and lemons. I’ll also share some other decorating ideas for using dried citrus.   

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Gluten Free Paper Mache

Check out my recipe for a gluten-free paper mache paste that works just as well as wheat flour. In this tutorial, I share my celiac-approved formula and how to DIY your own paper mache for sculptures, party decorations, and piñatas.

Macrame Plant Hangers

I love macramé because you don't need any special equipment to get started! All you need are two hands and some rope. In this tutorial I go over how to create a macrame plant hanger. It's my most popular blog post to date!

Succulent Terrariums 

If you live in a place where succulents can’t grow outside, you can easily create a terrarium to live in your home. Terrariums are decorative glass containers for plants that don't have a drainage hole. They are beautiful and often contain succulents, mosses, plants, and even figurines.   Terrariums are very easy and fun to build! 

Want more inspiration?

 Check out our Pinterest board  full of more Earth-first craft projects!

Did you try out any of my suggestions? Leave your comments below! Thanks for visiting! You can check out more DIY projects on our blog here.


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