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Make A Paper Tulip Valentine's Wreath

Learn to make a stunning Valentine's day wreath from three-dimensional cut paper and cardboard! This tutorial is an elevated version of your traditional pink paper heart decorations intended for kids. Create a swoon-worthy statement piece this season! 

I adore Valentine's day: the hearts, the colors, all the love!  I discovered tulip wreaths when looking for inspiration for a Valentine's craft this year, and created this DIY. I love the cheerfulness and the hint of spring (it's coming soon!), so I wanted to create one out of paper. I hope making this wreath brings some brightness and love to your home as well.


  • Cardboard or chipboard (use a shipping box, rigid envelope, or even an empty La Croix box if you have them laying around as I do)
  • Two plates or round household items, one larger than the other (to trace for wreath form) 
  • Pencil 
  • Glue or glue stick 
  • Scissors 
  • Pink and red paper (or any color combo that feels right to you) 
  • Green paper 
  • Ribbon (optional, for hanging)



Step 1: Make Wreath Form

Place the larger of your two plates face down on your piece of cardboard (I used a large chipboard envelope) and trace around the outside. 

Center the smaller plate in the circle you drew and trace around that one too. You want a ring at least an inch in width, so you'll have space to glue tulips.

Carefully cut out your circle using scissors or a box cutter blade. It doesn't need to be perfect because it'll be fully covered from the front.

If you don't plan on using an over-door wreath hanger, now would be the time to attach a ribbon for hanging. Put your ribbon in a U shape over your wreath form, with the bottom of the U centered. 

Thread the loose ends under the wreath and through the loop in the U shape. 

 Pull up to the top of the wreath.

Make a knot toward the end of the ribbon so you can hang it from a hook, doorknob, nail, etc. 

Step 2: Cut Out Hearts & Leaves

Cut rectangles from your tulip paper colors (roughly 1.5" x2.5") and cut free-form hearts from them. You want them to be pretty long, and you don't need to exaggerate the lobes. The indent can be relatively shallow since we'll be making them more 3D later. Don't worry about making them the same; it's okay if they're different!

I picked red as the primary color for my wreath and cut more hearts in that color (I counted 53) and less in pink (11). You may need more or less depending on how big your hearts are. 

Cut 15 tulip leaf shapes from long thin rectangles of green paper, and crease them down the middle to add dimension. 

Step 3: Make The Hearts Into Tulips!

At the top of a heart, cut a slit down the center about 1/3 of the way. 

Apply glue to one of the sides next to the cut you just made and fold the other side over the top of it.

 Overlap slightly and press together to adhere. By doing this, you're creating somewhat three-dimensional tulip shapes from the hearts.

Step 4: Assemble!

If you have a ribbon on your wreath form, go ahead and tack it down with glue before you adhere hearts over it. You'll want it to stay in one spot.

Gather up all your tulip hearts and leaves and lay your contrasting color tulips along the wreath form evenly (don't glue yet!) so you'll know where to attach them. 

Start with one heart, apply glue to the point, and attach to the wreath form. Now grab one of the primary color tulips and do the same, apply glue to the underside of the tip of the heart and attach to the wreath form, placing hearts over the tips you recently glued, staggering, and layering them to create depth and a full wreath. Angle some to the outside and inside, and glue some parallel with the wreath form. 

Randomly add leaves in the same way by applying glue to the bottom of the leaf and attaching it on top of the tulips. Alternating the patterns in which you place the tulips and leaves and not doing the same thing every layer will make it look more natural, which is what we're going for! 

Continue around the wreath until you get back to where you started. Gently lift the top of the first heart to attach the last hearts. 

All done! Hang it up on a wall or door and admire your work! 

 These would also be adorable as mini wreaths, maybe for a workspace! You could trace a big mug and smaller cups or lids from kitchen items or food packaging to make a form.

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