I’ve been a fan of Roxanne Roxanne since I met her at the Mission Mercado farmers market years ago. It was a windy night and a slow market- we got to talking and developed a friendly acquaintance. Her fiber necklaces and hand-sewn garments have always impressed me. They are so romantic, soft, and feel connected to our earth. I was so happy to bring her into the shop for the month of February!


1. I'd love to know more about your business! How did Roxanne Roxanne come to be?

Roxanne Roxanne is an ever-evolving entity, but after having my son in 2013 and staying home full time, I re-found my obsession with fiber through crochet and opened up an Etsy account. This leads me to embroidery, then into sewing. Once we began spending more time in the country, I became more interested in plants and their dyes on natural fibers and their medicine. l and lead me to open my official website.

 2. Your garments are dyed naturally. Can you tell me more about the natural dye process and where/how you source your plants?

99% of my plant dyes come from my private garden or my neighborhood community space. I love to be introduced to a plant by a gift from family or by being outside and noticing their presence. We develop a relationship and I begin experimenting with them while giving offerings of gratitude and love. There is a lot of trial and error, and a lot of beautiful surprises. The local Mexican restaurant, Rogelio’s, delivers avocado pits to my doorstep every few days. They are my neighbors as well. 

3. What inspires your designs?

Nature, dreams, seasonal colors, my journey of connecting to the invisible. Whatever I’m in a relationship with at the time, I try to create a piece to embody that feeling or Medicine to hopefully pass on to the person who adopts that piece, but through their own interpretation-like a poem. 


4. What are your top 3 favorite things to do in San Francisco?

  1. Eat with friends at Puerto Allegre and toast with a margarita.

  2. See some local music, because the music scene in SF is still alive and well.

  3. Visit Bernal Hill. 


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