Hand-Painted Wrapping Paper 

By Jennie Lennick

Easy Hand Painted Gift Wrap

Painting wrapping paper is an easy and creative way to elevate your gift-giving! In just a few minutes, you can transform your gift from drab to fab! This blog will cover the essentials of painting gift wrap.

I worked at a preschool for many years, and for every special occasion, the school’s founder would wrap gifts in beautiful handpainted wrapping paper. Alongside the children, she would paint abstract splashes and lines on a massive piece of paper taped to the ground, like a wholesome Jackson Pollock.  

Sometimes I liked the gift wrap more than the present! I am also a painter, so I immediately borrowed her idea and began painting my own wrapping paper.  

This blog will cover a couple of simple ways to make beautiful wrapping paper! In it, I’ll share how to decorate your paper with simple acrylic painted lines and how to create a multicolored splatter pattern.  

Let’s paint some paper!

Gather Your Materials


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Minimal Hand Painted Wrapping Paper

Simple painting can make a significant impact! For my design, I painted long straight lines in a few different colors across my paper. The composition only took a few minutes to complete, but I love the way it looks!

  1. Roll out your paper on a smooth flat surface.  
  2. Prepare your palette. 
  3. Squirt your ink onto your palette and mix colors if you like! I am going for a simple trio of red, blue, and yellow. 
  4. Paint lines or shapes across your paper. I painted with one color at a time to minimize washing by paintbrush over and over.  
  5. Let your paint dry completely. 
  6. Wrap your gift!

Splatter Paint Gift Wrap

Splatter painting is so fun but super messy!  I got a bunch of paint on my wall! For this technique, make sure you protect your work surface with a table cloth or tarp.


  1. Thin your paints- this technique works best with runny acrylic paint. Add a few drops of water to your paint. 
  2. Dip your brush in a bit of paint and place the loaded brush over your paper.
  3. Position your non-dominant hand underneath the handle of your paintbrush while you hold the brush in your dominant hand.
  4. With a quick motion, tap the brush handle against your non-dominant hand. The paint will flick off the brush onto the paper. 
  5. Wash the brush between color applications. 
  6.  Allow the paint to dry. 
  7.  Wrap your gift!


I’m so happy with my hand-painted paper! I suggest painting a bunch of paper at once so you are ready for the gift-giving season! 

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Happy Holidays! You can check out all of my DIY blogs here.  What are your favorite wrapping paper tips? Share them in the comments!


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