By Jennie Lennick

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations to Make in 30 Minutes or Less

Every year you have the intention to decorate for Halloween. Yet, here we are. The haunted day is around the corner, and your house is void of any spooky decorations. Don't fear! I’ve compiled a list of 15 easy Halloween decorations that you can make in about 30 minutes with minimal materials.  

Don’t be doomed to face another year with no ghoulish decor to attract hoards of trick-or-treaters. There is still time!

1. Veggie Print Halloween Banner

A potato or apple print is a style of printmaking done by carving produce, applying ink, and printing! Most people use apples or potatoes for this printing style, but any piece of firm produce will do- try carving a carrot or a sweet potato!  

Learn how I made this spooky Halloween banner using apples for pumpkins and potatoes for ghosts! Get the DIY here!

2. Watercolor a Celestial Ghost

 Learn to paint starry skies and galaxies in this easy DIY. Making celestial paintings is a way to embrace watercolor’s unpredictability and enjoy the lovely chaos that emerged on the paper. I encourage you to let loose with the paint and trust the water and the medium to do most of the work. Check out the tutorial here!

3. Spooky TP Tube Bat Decorations

Is my house a bat cave? Maybe! 🦇 I’ve become obsessed with making these cute and easy bats from toilet paper tubes! It’s a simple craft project that is great for kids! Learn how to make your own with this quick tutorial.  

4. Spooky Painted Pumpkin Craft

Painting pumpkins are a great alternative to traditional carved jack-o-lanterns. Painted pumpkins stay fresh longer- no need to worry about your carved pumpkin getting moldy. Since you aren’t carving, you don’t need to use knives, making this activity perfect for even the youngest artists.  

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how I painted a cute pumpkin ghoul! It was so fun and easy. I can’t wait to make a bunch for my porch! Wanna make your own? Check out my DIY here!

5. DIY: Spooky Ghost Tassels

Are you looking to make a quick and simple Halloween craft? Let’s make ghost tassels!  You need no unique materials to make these spooky decorations, just yarn, glue, scissors, and some googly eyes! This craft is fun and perfect for all ages! 

Find the detailed tutorial here!

6. Halloween Magnetic Spiders

I love how creative and unique this craft is! Just get a bunch of plastic spider rings, cut off the ring part, and stick them on a magnet. These scary bugs are ready to cling to your metal door or to gather on your fridge! DIY from Delia Creates. 

7. Quick and Easy Yarn Pumpkins

These yarn pumpkins are so simple! They are perfect decorations for the entire fall season. If you don’t have time to get to your local pumpkin patch, these will make a great alternative. All you need is yarn, cardboard, hot glue, and pipe cleaners!  I love this tutorial from Design Improvised and the video below from A Kailo Chic Life.


8. Push Pin Pumpkins

I love these simple, colorful pumpkins! You can create these with everyday office supplies, like thumbtacks and paper brads. The rainbow studded pumpkin is my favorite! I’m all about the spooky cute vibe! Check out the DIY from A Subtle Revelry.  

9. Light Up Mummy Jars

Light Up Mummy Jars

I love a good mason jar craft! These mummies are super easy and only require a couple of materials. I made a couple of them sit on my entryway table. When you light up the mummies, they make quite an impact! Next year, I am going to make more of them and assemble a little mummy family! Get the step by step from Shop With Me Mama.

10: Eco-Friendly Ghosts

How cute are these ghosts! Use them as cake toppers, stick them in a potted plant, or simply wave them around! These ghosts consist of primarily recycled materials, like rolled-up tinfoil and tissue paper leftover from gifts, so they are as eco-friendly as they are adorable! DIY from Simply x Classic 

11. Make a Mummy Door

Have you ever considered dressing up your door as mummy for Halloween? It’s a simple way to decorate your entrance to delight your trick-or-treaters. This project is perfect for dorm rooms and apartment dwellers! Check out the tutorial from Thrifty Decor Chick.

12. Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Nothing gets me going quite like finding innovative uses for everyday objects! These trash bag spiderwebs are stunning! Great instructions from How About Orange .

13. Cute Spider Infestation

This project requires a quick trip to a craft store but it’s super fast and easy once you get the supplies you need! 

For this DIY you will need:

How charming is this porch?! Check out this DIY from One Good Thing. 

It also includes a template for making paper bat cutouts! 

14. Ghost Luminaries

I made more than a few spooky luminaries when I was a kid. This craft was my art teacher’s go-to project for Halloween. It’s easy enough for a kid to do and can be complicated with more intricate drawing. You can make this project your own! DIY N Crafts has an excellent tutorial here.  

15. Light Up Pumpkin Tower

Want a show-stopping piece for your front door? Make a tower of light-up pumpkins! For this project, you’re going to need some colorful plastic pumpkins, a utility knife, and string lights. This craft is a little more involved, but you can quickly complete it within an evening. Get the instructions from Girl Just DIY.

There you have it! I hope I've given you some spooky ideas to decorate your home quickly!  

Did you try any of these crafts? Share your experience in the comments!

Happy Halloween! 


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