By Jennie Lennick

Five Outfit Ideas to Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

In this blog, I’ll share five outfit ideas for your next winter adventure. Learn some easy tips on how to liven up your wardrobe with a couple of new pieces along with the favorite cozy clothes you already have.  

The weather is getting cold and grey, but that is no reason to forget about color! In the winter, more than ever, I like to dress vibrantly. It keeps my spirits up and makes me feel more festive. This blog will share five outfit ideas to liven up your winter wardrobe. From mixing and matching patterns to wearing bold and colorful dresses, you'll be sure to be the shining star of your next holiday party or wintry get-together. I'm focusing on comfortable and easy-to-wear outfits perfect for many different activities. It’s the ideal time to experiment with colors and prints while cooking holiday meals, shopping, or just hanging out at home with the family! 









Mix and Match Patterns

Don't be afraid to go a little crazy! I love to mix and match different colors and patterns. Brands like Nooworks and Saint Geraldine offer unique prints that you can endlessly rotate. When mixing patterns, look for a unifying element between the two pieces. I picked a top and pants with a pea-green color for this outfit.

Match With Your Little 

Before I had a baby, I did not understand the appeal of matching with a child. Now I get it. I feel better about buying something for myself, when I get one for her!  

One of my all-time favorite brands is Baby Cats of California. They sell gender-neutral kids' clothes with matching adult styles! They are whimsical without lacking quality! These kooky prints are all screen printed by hand, making them unique and perfect for hand-me-downs. I love lounging around the house with my daughter in our matching sets! 

Make it Pop with A Graphic Tee

I love colorful tees because I don't have to think about my outfit too much! As a new mom, I’m often up all night with my baby and sometimes lack the brainpower in the mornings to get creative with my clothes. Our printed tees are nice because they are comfy, bold, and easy to pair with just about anything from fun printed pants to jeans and skirts.

Keep it Classy in a Dress

It feels so good to get dressed up! I love dresses but rarely wear them anymore because they do not pair well with breastfeeding and caring for a small child. However, when I go out with my friends, you are sure to find me in a dress. I love a printed dress, and we carry an excellent selection here!

Easy and Comfy Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are instant outfits! They are so comfy, fun, and effortless! Dress them up with fun heels or kick around in sneakers. I have a bunch of different jumpsuits in my wardrobe. Some of my favorites are crazy printed ones from Nooworks, naturally dyed suits from Happy French Gang and more practical ones from Mod Ref.

I hope I’ve inspired you to get a little more creative with your wardrobe. When you dress creatively and support slow fashion brands, you feel good! 

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What are your favorite outfit ideas for the winter season? Share your tips in the comments!


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