A collaboration between The Ruby and Jenny Lemons

Seamstresses! Let's sew cloth face masks for health care facilities that are experiencing shortages in masks. 

Download the pattern here: How to make a Face Mask - PDF 

From https://www.deaconess.com/How-to-make-a-Face-Mask?fbclid=IwAR1H25JhviFlqeBjj-LEwCUCGNf-PbJcst4fHxcnXOThUqoTk6CVQ8cuyRM

Orders for standard/disposable masks are on long back-orders, due to both demand and supply chain issues. Other hospitals across the country are reporting the same supply concerns.

According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when other supplies have been exhausted.

“Prior to modern disposable masks, washable fabric masks were standard use for hospitals,” said Dawn Rogers, MSN, RN, FNP-C, Patient Safety & Infection Prevention Office. “We will be able to sterilize these masks and use them repeatedly as needed. While it’s less than ideal, we want to do our best to protect our staff and patients during this pandemic.”

Download the pattern here: How to make a Face Mask - PDF 

Details about making/delivering fabric masks

  • The pattern is courtesy of The Turban Project*
  • Use tightly-woven cotton fabric on both sides. Please remember that both women and men in a variety of roles may wear these masks.
  • contact rachel@theruby.com to help organize pick up and delivery.

Materials Needed:

  • Two 9" x 6" pieces of woven cotton fabric
  • Two 7" Pieces of elastic
Additional necessary materials/equipment:
  • A sewing machine
  • pins
  • thread

Where to bring finished masks:

This google doc contains a list of hospitals and clinics looking for masks. Some hospitals are requesting specific patterns. Please check to see what they need before you start sewing. 

By Jennie Lennick
Designer, entrepreneur, and lover of crafts! Boss Lady at Jenny Lemons in San Francisco


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