A Thank You Note.

A reflection on a challenging time. 

by Jennie Lennick 

Jenny Lemons Founder and Creative Director

2020 Was Quite the Year 

We faced challenges and grew in ways I never thought could be possible. Despite social and political unrest AND a global pandemic, Jenny Lemons is thriving as a company. With the help of my fantastic team of talented women, we pivoted from conducting 95% of our business in person through our creative workshops, our physical shop, and craft fairs to relying wholly on online sales and virtual classes. 

 I am stunned by all of your support! Our first virtual workshop, How to Sew a Fabric Mask (held in collaboration with the Ruby), occurred early in the pandemic, and I was shocked by the response. Hundreds of people ordered supplies and dozens joined us for our virtual tutorial. We were even on the news! 

 When I started Jenny Lemons as an extension of my art practice in 2015, I never imagined the company would grow to where it is today. Because of all your support, I can step back and work on the greatest of all DIY projects, raising my infant daughter, who is due to meet us in a couple of weeks! 

 I am so thankful for my growing team, our instructors, our corporate team building clients, our amazing artists, and most of all YOU! Thank you for believing in Jenny Lemons and for getting creative with us! 

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