At Jenny Lemons, our goal is to inspire you to invite more color and creativity into your life! This year we asked our team to share some of the joyful products they are gifting to their loved ones. We hope you enjoy their choices!

Hi! I'm Sarah

the Store and Brand Manager at Jenny Lemons! I have a hand in a little bit of everything going on at Jenny Lemons, whether it be answering all your questions, fulfilling orders, working with the team, or organizing fun new classes for our calendar. I love DIY projects, crafts, movies, and hanging with my partner and cats!

This is my favorite time of year, mostly because December is my “Birthday Month,” and I can begin the countdown! I LOVE receiving thoughtful gifts, but even more so, love to give them. I do a lot of my shopping at Jenny Lemons- here are some of my favorite things to gift this season!

For My Mom, the Cautious Crafter  

My mom is always interested in learning a new hobby, but it is not very good at arts and crafts (I love you, mom! haha). These Paint-by-Numbers Kits are the perfect gift for that someone in your life who wants an easy way to get started painting! They are beautiful images, and the kits come with everything you need.

For my Twin 

Do you have someone in your life that is hard to shop for? For me, that is my twin sister; we could not be more different. Everything about us is the opposite! Even though it doesn't come easy, I always figure out something to give, hopefully just right.  Our new Cotton Tees are an excellent gift for that person! They are gender-neutral, 100% cotton, and super comfy. I gave my sister and her partner the Rainbow Tee, and they loved them so much! 

December is my birthday month, which means it’s also my twin’s birthday month! We always get each other a birthday gift AND Hanukkah gifts; no missing out just because it’s December! So I also got her a Pink Cherry Headband, she is very low-maintenance and hates to do her hair, so this headband was a good fit for her. She loves to wear it on those days she doesn't want to fuss with her hair, and it gives her that extra flair during her Zoom meetings!

For My Husband, The Bathing Beauty 

My husband is a connoisseur when it comes to baths! He loves lighting a candle, putting on some music, grabbing his book, and filling the tub with delicious scents and salts! For him, I am going to put together a little Treat Yo’ Self gift pack. These Old Whaling Company Bath Bombs are handmade and loaded with salts and moisturizing oils; they are the perfect addition to any bath. 

I think I will also throw in a Wild Yonder Salt Packet. They are jammed packed with a mixture of crystal quartz charged sea salt, Epsom salt, biodynamic honey, and organic essential oils and resins. They’re not overly perfumed but add just enough soothing scent to your bath to help relax! 

To finish the gift, I will add a candle from Lighten Up Shoppe, made right here in the Bay Area! Each scent is a perfect blend, fragrant but not overpowering or overwhelming, which is great because he’s into more subtle scents!

For My Artistic Friend

This year has been tough for socializing, so I’ve tried to stay in touch with friends and family by sending sweet notes and packages in the mail. I don't know about you, but it always brightens my day to see a handmade letter in the mail. This love inspired an idea for my friend, who just moved out of SF. She’s a fellow crafter, always making new things with her hands, and loves getting mail, but never has the supplies to send letters out! I wanted to send her some fun supplies to help fix that problem. I will send her some postcard stamps (support the post office!), a watercolor kit, some paint brushes, and these cool watercolor postcards, so she has everything she needs to stay in touch!

A Gift for All The Dads

Last but not least, dads. I have so many dads in my life. I am not kidding, I have 4, and they are all into different things! 

My Step-Dad just moved to Las Vegas and is really into playing pickle ball. I thought one of our Embroidered Caps would be an on-the-mark gift for him this year to keep the sun off his head and the sweat out of his eyes! 

My dad is a cook, and he loves food-related clothing. I am going to send him one of our Hand Block Printed Avocado Sweaters. I love that there are extended sizes because the XXL will be a great fit for him. 

One of my father-in-laws is into many things that I like, crafting, cooking, and baking, so he’s easy to shop for! He really likes funky socks. I love these Yellow Owl Workshop Socks so much. I think he will get a kick out of the breakfast or fruit ones specifically because when you put your feet together, they make a happy face!

The other in-law is an architect; he is always sketching for work or just for fun; I thought he would enjoy one of these Handmade Horsehair Brushes. They are styled after drafting brushes, and I think it’s so cool that someone in SF is making handmade brushes and brooms. 





















Jenny Lemons Embroidered Cap


Avocado Sweatshirt


Small Drafting Brush


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