Ghost Tassels 

By Jennie Lennick

Cute and Easy Halloween Decorations

Are you looking to make a quick and simple Halloween craft? Let’s make ghost tassels!  You need no special materials to make these spooky decorations, just yarn, glue, scissors, and some googly eyes! This craft is fun and perfect for all ages!

I’m a sucker for all things spooky. My grandma was born on Halloween, and she always told me she was a witch. I loved decorating pumpkins and dressing up in crazy costumes with her. This craft reminds me of the activities we would do together.  

Want to learn how to make these ghosts? Let’s get started!

Gather Your Supplies



Make a Tassel

Cut a piece of cardboard the length you’d like your ghost to be. I cut my cardboard into a 2 inch by 5-inch square.

Take a length of yarn and begin wrapping it around your cardboard. Wrap until you have a nice thick bundle of yarn, about two inches wide.

Cut a piece of yarn about 5 inches long and slide it under the front of your yarn bundle. Shimmy the cut piece to the top of the bunch and tie it off with a tight knot.

Carefully remove your yarn bundle from the cardboard rectangle.

Cut the end that is not tied.

Take another 5-inch length and tie it around the entire bundle of yarn, about 1.5-2inches from the bound top. This section will become your ghost’s head.

Trim the ends of your bundle. 

Glue on a Ghost Face!

Glue on googly eyes! Any glue will work, but I love Tacky Glue!

Cut a mouth shape out of a piece of felt.

Glue it on your ghost. So spooky!

Wow! What a spooky ghost! These decorations are so fun and easy to make! Try stringing a few of them together to create a creepy garland, or hang them from a tree in your yard! I’m all for spooky cute flair! 

Happy Halloween! Are you Looking for more spooky crafts? Make TP Tube bats from recycled materials or paint some celestial ghosts. 


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