February's Featured Artist 

Kristina Micotti  

Kristina Micotti

illustrator and designer from the Bay Area. Her illustrations are playful, bold, and simple. She likes to create anything that makes her happy.

You may be familiar with Kristina Micotti's playful work from events like Renegade Craft Fair. She is well known for her drawings of cute animals and everyday objects that instantly makes you smile. We were so excited to have her installation in our window for the month and she will be hosting our Community Craft Night on the February 28th! 

While Kristina was in the shop installing her chubby Cupid bulldog, I got a chance to ask her a few questions!

What inspired your installation?

"I was inspired by Valentine’s Day, Cupid, and my love of dogs, this cherub is in charge of spreading love and smiles to all who pass by. I chose to do a bulldog for the display because they have a similar chubby body shape to Cupid and it made me laugh."

Is this part of a larger body of work?

"It is not particularly a part of a larger body of work but it is based off a drawing I did of Cupid last year. But I am always game to draw fat dogs in sunglasses, lol"

How did you get started in illustration/ selling your work?

"I went to school for graphic design and started to get work as a illustrator after my portfolio won the Best Illustration category in a AIGA San DIego portfolio review. After moving back to the Bay Area in 2013, I started doing the Renegade Craft Fair and my illustration business has grown from there."

What’s your favorite part of all of it? 

"I love the freedom and flexibility of being an illustrator. I enjoy creating and the challenge of pushing myself by either learning a skill or making a new product. Most of all, I love making people smile or laugh with my artwork"

Community Craft Night

Kristina will be hosting 4 mini drawing workshops on Friday, February 28th. You will learn to let loose while painting with ink, a bold alternative to water color! She will teach you different techniques to experiment with and let your creative side out while painting your favorite animal or favorite food.

6:00pm, 6:35pm, 7:10pm, 7:45pm

Written by: Sarah Ogden

Sarah is the Brand and Store Manager of Jenny Lemons. She is a lover of all things cute and the maker of SMO Ceramics


We are stocked up on Kristina's line of goods!

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