Field Day Apparel 

Timeless, Impeccably Crafted Clothing 

Trinity Cross

Creator of Field Day, Made in Oakland California

Field Day wants you to feel good about what you wear. Their designs are flattering, comfortable, and made from reclaimed and locally-sourced materials. Their entire line is designed, cut, sewn, dyed and finished in Oakland, CA. Founder Trinity Cross has been designing these classic silhouettes for the modern woman and we are thrilled to have her here with us. 

We asked her a few questions to learn more about her and what inspires her work.

What inspired you to start your business? 

"I have always sewn my own clothing and when I was living in Asheville NC in 2003, a friend of mine owned a boutique and asked me to sew up some one of a kinds for her shop. They sold out almost immediately and It got me thinking that I could actually do the thing I loved to make a living!"

  We believe in tailored clothing you can move and breathe in, and that no dress is complete without pockets

What inspires your designs?

"Movement, the sun, pockets, the feeling of the earth between my fingers, seeds and flowers emerging from the dirt, vintage high waisted silhouettes"

How do you define success? 

"A good work / life balance (working hard to create a better vision of this) Being able to travel not for work (also working on this). Feedback and support from other 

brands and peers I admire. Having a badass team that enjoys going to work." 

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? 

"Not to worry so much about what other people think of you. That if you give it your all and you don't succeed to keep trying as you just gained a valuable lesson on how to do it better."

We asked Trinity what her top 5 favorite places are in The East Bay


Piedmont Cemetery

"For dog walks with a boba tea"


The Lake (Merritt)

"For a picnic style hand with my favorite quilt"


Sobo Ramen 

"Yummy affordable feel good noodle soup always hits the spot"


Berkeley Botanical Gardens

"I’m a member here cause I frequent it often. Love the diversity of species and the newts"


Enssaro Ethiopan

"Best Ethiopian in the east bay. Try the special kitfo 🤤"




"We design for the women who inspire us. Women who like the feeling of earth between their fingers. Cool winter breezes and hot summer river dips. Who aren’t afraid to strike out on their own, and dress for uncharted days of spontaneous adventures."

By Sarah Ogden

Sarah is the Brand and Store Manager of Jenny Lemons. She is a lover of all things cute and is the maker of SMO Ceramics.

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