Let's learn bargello

By Jennie Lennick

Beginning Bargello: A DIY Tutorial

Bargello is a simple needlepoint technique that uses long stitches to create tapestries. You only need to know one stitch, so it’s a super easy craft to pick up! Just a few supplies are required, like yarn, a tapestry needle, and tapestry canvas. Once you get going, it's fun to zone out and stitch. I loved making my little coasters while binging my Netflix shows! 

Bargello is a counted stitching technique, so you need to count the number of squares in your grid and match it to your pattern. There are many free patterns online (check out our Pinterest board for ideas), or you can create your own! I used this grid pattern generator  to make this little flower inspired by a pattern by Oh Sew Bootiful.  

In this tutorial, I’ll cover: 


  •  How to accomplish a bargello stitch 
  • Securing your yarn 
  • Starting a new piece of yarn 
  • Finishing a bargello project 


Ready to get started? Let’s Get Stitching!


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Step 1: The Bargello Stitch

Cut a length of yarn about a yard long. You want the size to be manageable. 

Starting on the back of your design, poke your needle through the tapestry canvas. Pull it, so there is a small tail about 1 inch long. Hold this tail down with your finger. 

Your stitches will hold down the excess yarn once you start stitching.  

Your pattern dictates your stitch length. Count the holes in your canvas and stitch accordingly. 

Step 2: Securing Your Yarn

Leave a couple of inches of excess thread when you are about to finish or are ready to switch colors.

 Bring your needle to the back of your design and run it under a few stitches. Pull it until it just stops.

Trim your yarn. 

Step 3: Beginning a New Piece of Yarn

Rethread your needle with a new piece of yarn. Figure out where your next stitch should go by looking at your pattern. Flip your project over so the back is facing you. Secure your thread by sliding your needle under a couple of stitches and poke through the next hole in your pattern. 

Step 4: Finishing Your Bargello Project

Rethread your needle once your canvas is full of stitches. 

Secure your yarn by sliding the needle through a few stitches on the back of your piece near the bottom right corner. Bring your needle through the corner hole so it’s poking out towards the front. 

Pull the yarn until it stops. Bring your needle to the back of your piece and pierce it through the next hole in the line.  

Continue this whipped stitch until you cover your border with stitches. 

To finish, slide your needle through a few stitches on the back of your project and trim your yarn. 

I love my new coaster! You can use bargello stitches for so many projects! Turn your pieces into wall hangings, coasters, purses, or tissue boxes! Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

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