let's get back to school shopping! 

By Brittany Ferrero

2021 Guide for shopping back to school clothes, backpacks, accessories and supplies with Jenny Lemons!

This is our back to school shopping guide for all ages. Find unique, creative  supplies, clothing, backpacks, and gifts for anyone you know who's gearing up for the school year. Teachers included!

We can hardly believe summer is almost over...

Depending on where you are, there might just be a few short, sweet weeks left of sunny weather, warm nights, and carefree days of travel (and crafting on the go!). 

Whether you're getting ready for the return to school, or an online classroom, it's time to start gathering supplies, updating your clothing, and preparing for a new season of learning. 

This guide is full of fun and functional items made by independent designers, that will help anyone feel ready for whatever is ahead of them this school year: from art supplies to clothing, backpacks, and accessories. Let's get shopping! 

Start with a wardrobe refresh

A new season is a great excuse to revamp your wardrobe! We just added some fresh new kids clothing to the store - from comfy tees to cozy sweatshirts and wacky leggings. 

Add some flair

Stand out in the crowd! Pins are a great way to make a backpack or denim jacket feel like your own, and stickers are awesome for customizing binders, water bottles and notebooks. 


Find the perfect backpack

These drawstring bags are stylish and useful - with tons of storage space, as well as the perfect holders in the front for all of your pens and pencils. 

Don't forget to bundle up!

Pick up some hats and bandanas to get ready for the cooler weather. 

Stock up on art supplies 

These are supplies are great for creative classes or just adding a bit of fun and personality to any assignment. We love anything that comes in exciting colors, whether it's neon markers, funky washi tape, or basics like pencil sharpeners. 


Pencil Sharpener + Eraser


Ink Pad


Have a great school year!

 We hope you enjoyed shopping back to school product with us! We hope these new clothes and supplies leave you and your kiddos feeling ready to confidently take on a new year of learning and making memories. 


 Bay Area based designer. 

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