Jenny Lemons is a vibrant accessory and creative lifestyle brand founded by San Francisco-based artist Jennie Lennick.

Jennie became enamored with traditional domestic crafts as a child, learning to sew and embroider. She wanted to be an artist, so she attended art school, where she focused on drawing, painting, and printmaking. After grad school, Jennie worked as a preschool teacher and art instructor. Her students constantly inspired her with their wild imaginations and colorful outfits. During that time, Jennie launched Jenny Lemons, a collection of clothing, accessories, and art kits featuring her playful illustrations of fruits. 

Over the years, her business grew, and in 2017, she opened her first retail store in the Mission District of San Francisco. Her shop is a community space where she designs and sells her products and showcases them alongside a curated selection of other handmade goods, craft kits, and art supplies. Jennie is passionate about encouraging her community to create things by hand and live a colorful, creative life.