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The Mill Valley Dollhouse Kit

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Modern design dollhouses for all ages to enjoy. Endless possibilities to create, design, and collaborate. 

TheMill Valley is inspired by the big bright windows and modern design of Northern California. At 12 scale, the one-room dollhouse occupies approximately 11" x 11" tablespace. The ceiling is 8” on the low side and 9” on the high side.

These simple dollhouse kits are made from formaldehyde-free 1/4" maple plywood. Predrilled holes are provided with all necessary hardware for assembly. 

Share the experience with your friends, family, or do-it-yourself. Get creative, and get to it!

This product is intended for display and gentle play- it is not a toy. This is recommended for ages 6+ and contains small parts. Screwdriver for assembly is not included.

**Furniture not included