Brush Tip Sign Pen Set

By Pentel


These pens offer richly saturated colors that are fully blendable with water and other colors. Dilute the tip with water to get a full range of values. The waterbased dye ink is bright and intense. Every pen has a wear-resistant, pressure-sensitive, flexible tip for creating different techniques, including feathering, cross-hatching, outlining, calligraphy, and detailed line work.

Pentel Arts Brush Tip Sign Pens have a secure snap-tight cap that prevents dryout when left uncapped. The cap can be cleaned easily with a paper towel.

Fashion Colors, Set of 6 - This set includes one each of Gray, Pink, Orange, Violet, Ochre, and Sky Blue.

Primary Colors, Set of 6 - This set includes one each of Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Brown and Black.

Set of 12 - This set of waterbased Brush Tip pens includes one each of Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Ochre, Orange, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Violet, and Yellow.

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