Yay! It's Vica

Online Workshop: Procreate Basics 5/23 - Create Seamless Patterns on Procreate

This online workshop takes place on Sunday, May 23rd, 11 AM -1 PM PM PST via Zoom Meeting. You will receive login directions before the workshop.

Design your own seamless pattern and learn Procreate basics with San Francisco illustrator, Vica Lew!

In this project-based class, you’ll learn different Procreate techniques, tips, and tricks as Vica walks you through how to create a seamless pattern that you can use for wallpapers, printing fabric, and other fun projects!  This class is perfect for beginners who want a practical and easy-to-follow guide where you learn as you create. 

By the end of the class, you’ll have 1 seamless pattern that you can use for future projects. Plus students also receive a mini pdf guide with extra Procreate tips from Vica.

This class gives students a basic introduction on how to create digital illustrations using the Procreate app. 

By creating their own stamp brush and a seamless pattern as the final project, students can get a hands-on understanding of how to use Procreate, with practical applications and steps that are easy to follow.

Each student will also receive a pdf guide with Procreate and illustration tips that they can use even after the class is finished. 

Techniques you will learn:

  • Creating a color palette
  • Using layers
  • Illustrating with brushes
  • Creating stamp brushes
  • Blending modes and masks
  • Procreate gestures, tips, and shortcuts
  • Creating patterns

    To join this class, you will need:

    • Apple Pencil
    • iPad
    • Procreate app

    About the instructor:

    Vica Lew is an illustrator, maker, and musician based in San Francisco, California. She spreads smiles and silliness through her cute art, stickers, and adorkable handmade goodies available through her shop, Yay! It’s Vica.