Sophie Tivona

Online Workshop 2/09: Watercolor Basics - Valentine's Day Postcards

This online workshop takes place on Tuesday, 2/09, from 5-7 PM PST via Zoom Meeting. You will receive login instructions before the workshop.

Join Sophie for an evening of painting watercolor valentines!  We will create a set of valentines and cover watercolor basics while diving into color mixing and pattern making. Learn to make the most out of your palette while enjoying the meditative practice of repetition. 

Just shy of a week before Valentine's Day, this class is the perfect way to have a socially distanced craft night with your friends and family that you haven't hugged in a while.  Suitable for beginners.

Choose from two booking options:

1. Supply your own materials! 

For this workshop, you will need a set of watercolors, watercolor paper (any size, but we are using 4x6 paper to send postcards!), a pencil, an eraser, some water, paper towels, a watercolor paintbrush - size 4 round recommended, and a hairdryer to help dry things (not required). 

2. Purchase a painting kit from us that includes:

  • Sophie's custom palette includes alizarin crimson, new gamboge, lemon yellow, sap green, verditer blue, ultramarine violet, neutral tint, van dyke brown, goethite, and titanium white.
  • watercolor paper 
  • Round size 4 watercolor brush

About the Instructor:
Sophie Tivona grew up wandering in gardens around the Bay Area and dreaming of flowers, rocks, soil, and water. She was raised by her single mother, who has been a professional gardener for her whole life. Sophie has always loved to create paper products and would find quiet spaces in the yard to make little treasures. She has followed a meandering path to find her way to a career in illustration, and she is overjoyed to share her love of nature through painting. Watercolor is Sophie's muse, and she loves its unpredictable, unforgiving qualities; it is her daily joy to harness the wildness of the medium and reveal its delicacy and strength.

**Shipping Notes**

  • East Coast: If ordering a kit 5-6 days before the class, you need to select Priority Shipping to ensure your package arrives in time. The cutoff for delivery is 5 days before the event. 
  • West Coast: If ordering a kit 3 days before the class, you need to select Priority Shipping at checkout to ensure your package arrives in time.