Alex Pokas

Online Workshop 2/13: Bundle Dyeing with Flowers

This online workshop takes place onSaturday, February 13th,  from 11 AM -12:30 PM PST via Zoom Meeting. You will receive login directions before the workshop. 

Create your very own color palette from nature in this Bundle Dye workshop! We will explore how to transform upcycled botanicals and food waste into beautiful, living patterns. This fun and creative technique utilizes steam to extract color and pattern from plants and transfer it to natural fiber.

We will discuss natural dyeing basics, including fiber types, and prepare your fabric for dyeing, dyeing techniques, and modifiers. Each student will also learn how to set up their home dye kitchen. Additionally, we will discuss safe and responsible harvesting practices.

Choose from two booking options:

1. Supply your own materials! For this class, you will need flowers (fresh or dried), natural fiber to dye (can be leftover scraps of fabric or an existing piece of clothing - but must be 100% natural fiber and white), rubber bands.

2. Purchase a dying kit from us that includes: 

  • 1 cotton bandana
  • 1 silk scarf
  • Dried flowers
  • Onion skins
  • Rubber bands
  • reusable packaging containers

You will also need:

  • Burner/stovetop
  • Pot and colander or steam pot
  • Tongs
  • Additional natural fiber items to dye (if desired)
  • Additional flowers (if desired)

About the instructor: 
Alex Pokas is a natural dyer and artisan based in San Francisco. Through a deep passion and curiosity of nature and artistry, she has found self-expression and connection in natural dyeing. She produces one of a kind pieces created from plant matter, botanicals, minerals, and food waste. Focusing on localspecies and upcycled botanicals, she aims to honor and transform the abundance surrounding us.

** Shipping Notes **

  • East Coast: If ordering a kit 5-6 days before the class, you need to selectPriority Shipping to ensure your package arrives in time. The cutoff for delivery is 5 days before the event. 
  • West Coast: If ordering a kit 3 days before the class, you need to select Priority Shipping at checkout to ensure your package arrives in time. Curbside Pickup only2 or fewer days to class.