Mitchell the Raccoon on a Scooter


Shop our August Artist Of The Month Window Display! Each of these are one-of-a-kind pieces of work made by Chanamon Ratanalert.

Mitchell is always bobbing and weaving through traffic in his bright blue Vespa. The local handyman, Mitchell, will get to your house in record time to fix any of your household needs. He will also offer to sell you “found treasures” that he keeps in the boot of his scooter.

  • Acrylic paint on foam board
  • The size is approximately 20” x 16”
  • Comes with attached pieces to stand up the cut-out (You can request these be removed)
  • Lightweight material means it’s easy to hang on your wall as decor!
*This item is part of an art installation and will be available for pick up after 9/1