Micron Fine Line Set

By Micron

When accuracy, detail and preservation count, these pens are the most reliable choice. Artists, crafters, hobbyists, draftsmen, engineers and even scientists consider Pigma Micron a necessary tool for any handwritten or hand-drawn project. Scrapbook enthusiasts and crafters love its fine detailing and preservation qualities, and artists and illustrators rely on the Micron pen to create precision lines. Archival quality Pigma ink is chemically stable, waterproof and fade resistant, and it won’t smear, feather or bleed-through most papers. The ultra-fine porous-point tip will leave a mark that will last a lifetime.
  • Black
  • 6 pens
  • Permanent
  • Archival, waterproof and fade resistant
  • Size 0.20 mm (005)
  • Size 0.25 mm (01) 
  • Size 0.30 mm (02) 
  • Size 0.35 mm (03) 
  • Size 0.45 mm (05) 
  • Size 0.50 mm (08)