Mammalian Transportation Authority Bus


Shop our August Artist Of The Month Window Display! Each of these are one-of-a-kind pieces of work made by Chanamon Ratanalert.

The Mammalian Transportation Authority Bus of Critter City transports dozens of citizens a day. There is only one route and one bus, so don’t be late to catch it! The driver is Geoff, who, after getting laid off by ToysRus, moved to Critter City for a quiet life. On his days off, he drives around in his Ferrari, which he bought with the royalties from his latest NFT feature.

On the bus is:
  • Harold the Hippopotamus is on the phone yelling at his fund manager.
  • Phil the Koala coming home from his shift at the eucalyptus farm.
  • Chelsea the Chipmunk checking the notifications from her latest viral TikTok.
  • The rambunctious Roo twins and their momma Kelly.
  • Ned the Beaver programming his latest video game “Damcraft”.
          *This item is part of an art installation and will be available for pick up after 9/1