LOOME Special Edition Centennial Necklaces

2020 marks the centennial of women's suffrage (aka the ratification of the 19th Amendment) giving women (see note below about African American women and non-white women) the right to vote in the constitution. Vilasinee "V" at Loome has made necklaces to raise money for Fair Fight Action, She Should Run and Emily's List.

Each piece is priced at $20.20 and you have the option to increase your donation by adding "additional donation" to the cart. HELP US RAISE $3K for these organizations for this crucial year.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON SUFFRAGE: The women's suffrage of 1920 was only for White women and it wasn't until another nearly 5 decades when the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed that prohibited racial discrimination. In 2013, key provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was struck down by the Supreme Court. More than ever, your help and our joint support for one another continues. 

NOTE ON PROCEEDS: 90% of the proceeds of the necklaces will go to the non-profits above and 10% will go to cc fees and general shipping/admin fees.

NOTE ON SHIPPING: Because this is a live installation, we will try our best to ship the necklaces as soon as possible, but in most cases, we will ship at the end of the installation in February. Thank you so much for your patience.