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Friend Assembly

Four Eyes Plant Pal

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We all know how this goes. We swear we’re going to read the book this time! We' even blocked off time in our calendar for, “nightly reading” … Who are we kidding, we’ll listen to the last couple chapters on audible on the way over to the host’s house! If you’re a friend who loves bringing wine to book club, or book to wine club…this pal is for you! She knows how to have a great time and be Janet’s DD at the end of the night.

The Mini Faceplanters are as sweet as they are teeny. Standing proud at 1.5 x 1.5 inches tall.

The babes DO NOT come with the mini props in this very professional photo shoot. But you can find your own at a craft store or in a child’s dollhouse near you. :)

*Air plants not included