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Happy French Gang

Rust Tie-Dye Jumpsuit #9

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This jumpsuit is one of a kind, soooo comfortable, and made sustainably! It has a button front detail, and pockets. 

This tie-dye collection was created to reduce waste at Happy French Gang. Plain color pieces that are perfect aside from a small color imperfection get completely transformed to make the most colorful and happy pieces. 

CONTENT: Made from homespun, handwoven 100% cotton. Synthetic dye. Medium weight fabric. Some pieces are made with natural dye only and some with synthetic dye as well. 

SIZING: S/M: Measures 42" around the waist,  measures 41" in length from underarm to hem, measures 31" from shoulder to crotch 

CARE: Wash in the washing machine and tumble low or wash it by hand if you want to take extra care. Print might fade a little.