Jenny Lemons Workshops

Virtual Craft Night: Paper Cut Out Animal Collage

Join us for a night of creating your own cut paper art! Guided by the animals and worlds around us, we will unearth shapes and compositions to reflect the animals carried within us.

Animals embody symbologies and archetypes that can be useful for understanding our own stories, expressions, and personalities. Projecting ourselves onto animals can illuminate and externalize parts of ourselves that can be hard to name, difficult to love, or tough to tame. Furthermore, understanding ourselves as animals can bring about a sense of connection to our surroundings and environment.

In this workshop you will learn how working with a crude material like cut paper facilitates a different mode of thinking about form. You will also engage with design principles like composition, scale, color, and balance. You will walk away with your own paper art composition and, hopefully, feeling more in touch with your Inner Animal! 

Choose from two booking options:

1. Supply your own materials! For this workshop, you will need colored construction paper, scissors, & glue. Optional supplies: paint, paintbrush, reference images. 

2. Purchase a collage supply kit from us that includes:

  • several pieces of colored and hand-painted paper
  • 1 glue stick
  • a special surprise!

  • * You will need to provide your own scissors! 

    This online workshop takes place on Thursday 7/30 from 5-6 PM PST via Zoom Meeting. You will receive login instructions prior to the workshop. 

    About the instructor:

    Animal Theory was created and is run by Claire Gallagher, a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer. In 2017, she began Animal Theory as a place to house her illustration, design, and products (among other pursuits). Her playful, folksy work explores the many shapes of life through people and animals.

    About the series:

    Jenny Lemons Craft Nights bring people together to enjoy each other's company and make things with their hands. For each monthly event, we partner with a different artist or creative from our community who presents a project related to their craft.