Betty DIY Flower Earring Kit


We love statement earrings, and this kit is the perfect introduction to beginning jewelry making! With this unique kit, you can paint and assemble two pairs of wooden earrings and wear them with the satisfaction that YOU designed them yourself!

DIY Kit comes with:

  • Two Pairs of wooden statement earrings (nickel and lead-free earring post)
  • Eight paint colors
  • One brush


Use the photos as inspiration to design your pairs of statement earrings or develop your own design. For a unique look, paint each earring using the same colors but different patterns! We love to mix and match styles. Make the most out of your kit by painting the backside of the earrings using different colors or patterns. Let your paint dry for 20 minutes. If you paint on one of the jump rings - don’t panic! Simply wipe the paint off. While your earrings are drying, paint a pair for a friend!

Made in the United States.

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