Beach Babe Plant Pal


No tan lines here! This Beach Babe is the one for you if your likes include any of the following: salt, water, saltwater, the movie Point Break, getting barreled, and wearing your sunscreen so thick you look like an actual ghost. An official member of “Dawn Patrol”, this pal makes Hangin’ Ten look like a cake walk….maybe it’s the whole no toes thing. He’s sure to help you make new friends on the beach or in the plant shop. Scoop em’ up bra!

The Mini Faceplanters are as sweet as they are teeny. Standing proud at 1.5 x 1.5 inches tall.

The babes DO NOT come with the mini props in this very professional photo shoot. But you can find your own at a craft store or in a child’s dollhouse near you. :)

*Air plants not included


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