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4mm Cord Bundles - Wholesale

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Overview: Our single-ply, 4mm string is soft and plush and knots into a supple fabric. Fun to work with, easy on the hands and with a low profile knot, this lush material lends itself perfectly to plant hangers, wall hangings and home goods. In 22 dreamy colors and bundled in 80-100’ lengths for convenience, mixing and matching colors is a breeze. Use bundles for smaller projects or to supplement when you need a little more than a spool. Details: Fiber content: 100% oeko tex cotton. Approx. Length: 80-100’ (30.48 m) (see note below). Diameter:  4 mm (¼”). Ply: 1 ply. Dimensions: 11 in x 4 in (23.5 x 17.78 cm). Weight: .5 lbs (.023 kg). Origin: Turkey. Recommended skill level: Beginner and up!