Thank you for entering our giveaway! The winner will be announced 3/3/23!

Check out all the participating brands and prizes! 🌈 

  1. Jenny Lemons: Hair Claw Bundle including Banana, Hot Dog, and Strawberry!
  2. Hannah Emile: $100 Gift Card
  3. Gron Kulle: Linda Check Fleece Jacket
  4. Take Shape Studio: Bronze Signet Ring
  5. Thread + Sprout: Custom Kerchief
  6. Luvhaus: Two Limited Edition Signature Tumblers
  7. Nettle Studios: Custom Build-A-Pants in Any Style
  8. Bathing Culture: Shower Set
  9. Gravel & Gold: Parc Sweatshirt
  10. Clouds + Ladders: $75 Gift Card
  11. Seek Collective: Tomales Scarf
  12. Back Beat Co: Two Tomboy Tees