Break Out Of Your Creative Rut & Craft Consistently


DIY Art School For Busy Folks

Making space for your personal creative pursuits is hard no matter how talented, artistic or creative you are.

Not only are you dealing with the stressors of every day life, but you may feel overwhelmed by finding projects, trying new mediums and getting the supplies you need to sit down and make.

But you know committing to your creative pursuits will offer you so much more than the finished products.

🍋 Living a more enriched life

Soon you will feel inspired to create art regularly instead of scrolling or watching tv (although crafting and Netflix are a prettttty great pair!)

🍋 Relief from stress and anxiety

While crafting is a joy in itself, having a creative outlet to lean on after a long day can help you maintain a sense of peace and accomplishment.

🍋 Confidence in your expanding your skillset

We won’t say practice makes perfect, but practice does build confidence! Who knows, maybe you will even pursue that long awaited side hustle…

🍋 A sense of pride

Whether you’re hanging your work around your home or gifting a piece to a friend, there is no better feeling than seeing your art used and adored.

💭 The truth is you already have all the tools you need to be an artist, you just need a little guidance, inspiration and accountability.


DIY Art School For Busy Folks

The first step towards a more creative life- whether you dream of having your own creative business someday, are building a meaningful artistic practice, or want to create more handmade items to use in your daily life.

Hi! I'm Jennie!

I opened my shop, Jenny Lemons, in 2017 to help folks connect with their creative side! As a classically trained artist, my vision for the business was to be able to offer a sort of DIY art school, allowing our community to learn and grow their skills without the intimidating price tag or full-time commitment.

Studio Lemon is the next step in bringing that vision to life. Since opening, we have hosted thousands of students through our creative in-person and virtual workshops, but I was craving a space where our customers would not only have access to tons of art-making options with professional artists (like me!) to guide them, but where building a fulfilling creative practice and life was at the forefront.

I hope to see you inside the Studio!


🍋Exclusive live monthly workshop taught by Jennie

🍋A ticket to one Jenny Lemons workshop of your choosing, monthly

🍋Access to the Studio Lemon Library full of projects and how-tos

🍋15% off all other workshops

🍋Free shipping on all Jenny Lemons orders

🍋Early access to new Jenny Lemons products

Valued at over $100 per month

All for $29 per month

7 day free trial. No minimum membership. Cancel anytime.



- Watercolor Folded Leaves (weeknight craft)

- Macrame Snowflake Ornament (weekend craft)

- DIY Polymer Clay Beads: Learn Marbling and Inlay Techniques (kid friendly, weeknight craft)

and more!



Instead of shipping you a box of supplies you may not need (for projects you may not even want to do!), we offer free shipping on all the tools you order from us! Not only does that save you approx 10% on every order, it’ll save your crafting closet from accumulating waste. Plus, you can throw in some hair clips or a cute new dress while you’re at it - we won’t judge ;)


We are all about creative exploration and play, but sometimes, you just aren’t feeling a certain project or workshop. That’s why it was so important for us to create opportunities for you to craft your own monthly syllabus. Our exclusive monthly workshops are tailored to the season, but you will also have access to a class of your choosing + a library full of fun projects to try.


Some folks love a live workshop, others want to watch on their schedule at their own pace! Studio Lemon is set up so you can get a little of whatever you need. You’ll have access to 2 live workshops a month, both of which are recorded, plus a library of projects and tutorials organized by length to help you pick up a project whenever you feel inspired.


Over the years, we have welcomed thousands of students into our creative workshops, have partnered with organizations like Google, Apple, Pinterest and Sephora to host classes for their employees and have 5-star reviews everywhere! You are in good hands at Studio Lemon.

Studio Lemon is perfect for…

✅ The mom of young children who desperately wants to break her after-bedtime-Instagram-scrolling habit, but can’t find the energy to try and find a project she’s excited to try.

✅ The busy professional who needs a serious break after another week of non-stop emails, follow ups, circle backs and Zoom meetings, but don’t know where to start building their creative hobby.

✅ The self-employed artist who are have been meaning to experiment with bringing embroidery into their practice, but need a safe place to play and learn more.

✅ The art school grad who ended up in finance, but still daydream about making and selling clothing with their hand-printed illustrations.

✅ The folks who are creative-adjacent, but notice that all of their creativity is focused on their work and forget what it’s like to have a personal practice.

If any of this sounds familiar, Studio Lemon was literally made for you.


🍋Exclusive live monthly workshop taught by Jennie

🍋A ticket to one Jenny Lemons workshop of your choosing, monthly

🍋Access to the Studio Lemon Library full of projects and how-tos

🍋15% off all other workshops

🍋Free shipping on all Jenny Lemons orders

🍋Early access to new Jenny Lemons products

Valued at over $100 per month

All for $29 per month

7 day free trial. No minimum membership. Cancel anytime.


Where is Studio Lemon hosted?

Studio Lemon is hosted in a platform called Kajabi, where you can login and access all perks, replays and the library at any time. We will send monthly Studio Lemon emails to keep you updated on the latest happenings and host our exclusive workshops on Zoom.

Can I gift a Studio Lemon membership?

You sure can! We currently have the option to gift a 1 month membership or 3 month membership to Studio Lemon. And don't worry - we won't ruin the surprise by sending your recipient any notifications.

Simply enter your information at checkout and you will recieve instructions on how to give your recipient Studio Lemon access.

Once gifted, they can choose to activate their membership at anytime!

How do I access my free shipping/free workshop/15% off code?

Great question! Each month, our Studio members will recieve exclusive discount codes inside of Kajabi to use directly on our website.

What is the difference between this platform and taking one of your workshops?

Studio Lemon was designed to be a companion in your creative life! You can expect the same high quality and expert curation of our online workshops, but inside Studio Lemon you will no longer have to wait for a specific date and time for creative instruction and inspiration. As a member, you have access to a library of on-demand projects, and the archive or exclusive workshops - not to mention all the fun perks and savings on other classes and materials!

What if I don't like the classes offered each month as part of the platform?

The exclusive workshops are just one part of Studio Lemon! If you aren't psyched on one month's project, you will still have plenty of creative support to dive into including workshop replays from previous months, our studio library, and a ticket to one JL online workshop of your choosing.

When will live classes be hosted?

At the moment, our exclusive workshops are scheduled for Saturday mornings at 11AM PST. As members continue to join, we will be surveying the group to find days and times that work best.

No matter the day or time of the exclusive workshops, all classes will be recorded and stored for your convenience inside of Kajabi.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

We would be sad to see you go, but you are able to cancel anytime inside of your Kajabi settings.

What is the return policy?

Due to the digital nature of Studio Lemon, we are not able to offer refunds on the membership. However, you are free to cancel at any time.