Workshop 4/18: Introduction to Shibori- Naturally Dyed with Indigo

This online workshop takes place on Sunday, April 18th from 11 AM - 12:30 PM PST via Zoom Meeting. You will receive login directions and a video detailing setting up your indigo vat prior to the workshop. 

Shibori is the Japanese art of binding and folding fabric in different patterns before dyeing. It is the perfect technique to use when naturally dyeing with indigo because all of the folded areas remain bright white. 

In this class, we will dye with indigo while experimenting with different binding and resist patterns. Jennie Lennick of Jenny Lemons will share tips and tricks on how to create your own dye baths. We will go over what kinds of alums and mordants to add to your natural dye baths, and how to make sure your dye job lasts forever.

Everyone will learn several binding, folding, and resist techniques to create beautiful tie-dye designs. 

We will learn 6 techniques including:

  • Shape Resist Technique
  • Accordion Folding
  • Honeycomb Technique
  • Triangle Folding
  • Rings
  • Galaxy Fold

Choose from two booking options:

1. Supply your own materials! For this class, you will need your dye, soda ash, sodium hydro, gloves, materials to make different patterns (wood pieces, rubber bands, laundry pins, rope, etc) and fabric to dye. see below for additional items needed.

2. Purchase a shibori kit from us that includes:

You will also need:

  • Additional Natural fiber items to dye
  • A 5-gallon bucket
  • A tarp or table cloth to protect your surfaces
  • A drying rack or clothesline to hang wet things
  • Optional (but helpful): a small tray to transport wet dyed things

    About the instructor:

    Rebecca Saylor of micro-brand Oodlebadoodle is on a mission to make the world more huggable and more colorful. After spending 15 years in the corporate world, her love of color and creating became a full-time adventure. After a season as the artist in residence at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Rebecca found joy in helping people create. Her work as a watercolor artist led to creating dye color kits for fabric and practicing the art of shibori folds to create unique textile designs. Let Oodlebadoodle help you make your world more colorful and more huggable! 

    **Shipping Notes**