Smudging Bundles

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Blue Sage and Roses Smudge Stick - Each stick is carefully hand-wrapped with handpicked roses, cotton string and vintage velvet ribbon. In cultures worldwide, smudging has been an important part of connection with the divine, clearing of energies, and the raising of vibrations. The smoke of sage is believed to be intolerant of negative energies and low vibrations and is believed to aid in raising energies and vibrations. 

Ecuadorian Palo Santo Quartz Crystal Bundle - 3 piece Ecuadorian Palo Santo Quartz crystal bundle with dried wild flowers (wheat, baby's breath, and yellow billy balls) wrapped in suede. Known as "Holy Wood," Palo Santo is enjoyed for cleansing and healing properties, keeping energies grounded and clear. 

Approx. 4"

Maker - Black + Jane

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