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          Under Aurora

Under Aurora

Tina De Broux is the creator of Under Aurora. Under Aurora was born from her love of creating fragrances out of plant ingredients and natural skincare. It started in Columbus, Ohio where she was also born and raised. She became passionate about essential oils and natural skincare in the mid-90s after taking a natural soap making class. For the next ten years, she apprenticed under an aromatherapist, learning the ins and outs of essential oils and how to utilize plant-based ingredients.

In addition to using natural products on her skin, Tina eats an all plant-based diet and loves learning about how essential oils and herbs can be used to promote health and well being. Some of her favorite things to do include listening to records, watching movies (she was a film major in college), gardening, and hanging out with her partner and daughter.

Tina's goal is to run Under Aurora in a manner that has the least amount of impact on the environment and without the exploitation of other people. Although the business has continued to grow over the years, she and her partner have made the decision to keep it a level that is manageable to be operated solely by the two of them. Every bottle is blended, filled, labeled, and shipped to you by either her or her partner.

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