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          Tram Colwin Art

Tram Colwin Art

Tram is the artist and designer behind Tram Colwin Art, where she creates custom artwork, prints, and stationery goods. She was born in Vietnam, and lived there until her family immigrated to America in 1996, following other relatives straight to Bentonville, Arkansas. Growing up, Tram always had a love for art and took every art class that was available in school. This led to her earning a degree in Fine Arts.

After completing college, work took her to Hawaii, where she met her husband, Charlie. After getting married in 2014, they moved to Florida for an internship for Charlie in sustainable agriculture. During this time, Tram worked as an art instructor and on private commissions. After their time in Florida, Tram and her husband moved back to the NW Arkansas area that they love. It was after this move in 2016 that Tram began pursuing her art career more fully. 

Tram Colwin Art was born out of a deep desire to create and is inspired by the world around us. With every piece Tram create, she tries to capture the beauty that can be found in nature and in everyday life. Her hope is that after viewing her art, people will be drawn to search out the beauty of nature and the world around them. 

What started out as a side job has blossomed into a growing, full-time business. Her work has been featured on WeddingChicks.com, in FLUX Hawaii, and At Home Arkansas