Philomena + Ruth is an independently owned business located in historic downtown Waterloo, Illinois. Equal parts brick + mortar store, designer tees, and handcrafted clothing, P + R believes in the power of good vibes + cat cuddles.

Elizabeth Hahn, founder, is a designer and veteran store owner. She creates socially conscious graphic t-shirts, handcrafted clothing, and hand-dyed bandanas under the label Philomena + Ruth. Clothing should be comfortable, casual, and intentional. In the current political climate, it’s important to use your voice to raise awareness and take a stand. Elizabeth designs for the activist in us all.

Philomena and Ruth were Elizabeth’s grandmothers for whom she named her store.  Their names convey the sense of community and tradition that is strongly felt throughout the brand. Supporting one’s community, neighbors, and friends through shopping locally and buying handmade has a special meaning.  Small town America was built on independent entrepreneurs and the community that supports them.  And many of the skills that go into the handcrafted goods found at Philomena + Ruth have been passed down from generation to generation..

The store is located in a 100+ year old building that has been brought back to life with industrial, vintage, and reclaimed accents from the family farm. You’ll find handcrafted + independently produced clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home decor from the best artisans around the country. Professional shop cats, Pancho, Lefty + Dottie, can also be found napping, begging for treats, or chasing pom poms. Feel free to steal a cuddle or two while you shop!  

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