Normal Behaviour

Normal Behaviour

Heather named Normal Behaviour with the intention of being tongue-in-cheek, and also deeply sincere. She knows there’s no such thing as normal behavior, but, we all feel the pressures to act in relation to the rest of the group at times, whether we're falling in line and stepping in toe, or going against the grain in deliberate opposition, or finding ourselves somewhere in the broad space between those two extremes.

Normal Beaviour's designs are streamlined to blend in with your personal style wherever you find yourself on that spectrum. They make products that will see people through their days, from the commute to the joyride. They're not normal, you’re not normal, but all together, we form Normal’.

By focusing on ethical, in-house production, and following a slow fashion model, Normal Beahviour is challenging the fashion industry standards. They don’t have seasons here, and they keep their stock at a minimum to prevent unnecessary waste. They do short runs and make one-of-a-kind products to use up our off-cuts. It’s better practice for the industry in general, and for us, it’s a push towards a New Normal.

The humble goal behind the founding of Normal Behaviour is to make things that are long-lasting and problem-solving. They believe their products should be purchased not for their logo, but for their utility.

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