Weaving with the cosmos, creator of Moon Magic, Liz utilizes stardust and botanicals and a sprinkle of chaos to bring you the most magical organic skincare, incense, perfumes, and bliss. With a background in Ayurveda, Chinese, and eclectic herbalism, blended with a profound love for the universe.

In the beginning...
Many Moons ago after the birth of Liz's eldest child, and her heart flowered open with love and responsibility, the first outfit she put on his wee little body made his skin break out in tiny red bumps. Liz was mortified, how was she already failing at protecting him?!
She switched to hypoallergenic natural laundry detergent and started devouring everything on skincare she could find. She wanted to know what every ingredient in every product was and what its purpose was. The farther she looked the more distraught she became. The products were full of junk and toxins. Terrible things with horrible side effects.  Liz started taking matters into her own hands and began formulating her own creations. Fueled by a background in herbalism and body therapies, she began harvesting her own herbs from the forest and sourcing the highest quality ingredients she could find.  Her son's skin has been the most glorious happy skin ever since.

Liz started sharing her products with friends and the response was incredible. People kept coming back, asking for more, requesting new formulations for varying issues. Pretty soon, she had quite an apothecary. Liz enjoyed creating natural skincare so much that Moon Magic was born.

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