Leetie Lovendale

Leetie Lovendale

In 2004, designer Heather Desimone was co-owner of a bead store, She and her bix partner (and mom) were in the habit of purchasing vintage lots of beads and manufacture's leftover from the jewelry industry.

One day they got a call to head to a warehouse in Pawtucket, RI which had been making plastic merchandisers for the previous 3 decades. However, they had 40,000 lbs of old plastic jewelry parts that had been sitting since 1983. They needed that warehouse space back & Heather & the bead store staff started packing.

Having no idea what to do with them, how to set them, or manipulate them into jewelry because they weren’t beads, the parts were almost left for the ‘junk man’. When the gentleman who had managed the warehouse since he was 16, showed her some dust-covered setting machines, a new line of jewelry was born.

"Leetie" (pronounced "Lee-Tee"), Jewelry, and Accessories are made of repurposed plastic parts, which were originally manufactured in the 1960s-early '80s for the companies such as Avon, Trifari & Coro. Heather makes them into fine and modern designs. Perfect for today.

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